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Brickwork is an art that only a few have mastered. It takes great skill and experience to build a house with an overly beautiful wall. Brickwork construction involves choosing the right bricks and bonding patterns. This article discusses everything about bricklaying to help you understand exactly what it entails.

Brick Bonding Patterns

There are several brick bonding patterns you can use on your house. A brickwork company in Pretoria may use any of them. Here are the common types of bonding patterns:

  • Stretcher Bond: The stretcher bond involves laying courses in terms of stretchers. The joint on one course falls midway between the joints of the underlying course. Their popularity stems from their cost-effectiveness.
  • Header Bond: The header bond is an 18th century bonding pattern that utilizes bricks with contrasting colors. It is best for high-quality buildings since it makes use of many bricks. It’s also great for radial brickwork.
  • English Bond: The English brick bond is a traditional pattern with alternating header and stretcher courses. Headers are usually centered over the underlying stretchers. It’s common on embankments, viaducts, and bridges.
  • Flemish Bond: The Flemish bond is another traditional brick pattern. In the 18th century, it was more popular than the English bond. It is replicable in a cavity wall’s half-brick outer leaf. Whole bricks act as stretchers while half-bricks act as headers.

How to Choose a Suitable Type of Brick

You need bricks to start any type of brickwork in Pretoria. While professional brickwork services can help you choose the right bricks, you also should know what to look for. Here are the things to consider before buying bricks for your building:

1. Type of Brick

First, you must consider the type of bricks you want. It could be cement, lime, or clay bricks. Regardless of the brick type, ensure they have the right finish – rough or smooth. You may want handmade or machine-made bricks. Reclaimed bricks may also be great.

2. Color

The color of bricks is one of the most significant considerations when choosing materials for the wall to your house. It’s the color that indicates the final aesthetics of your home. You may choose anything between blue, brown, red, orange, and yellow.

3. Where They Were Made

Where the bricks were made is also very important. It determines the raw materials and the colour of the final materials. The method of manufacturing the bricks also matters. In most cases, local bricks are the best. They work well in conservation areas where the color consistency is necessary.

Choose a Professional Bricklayers in Pretoria

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