Build a Second Floor Concrete Deck in Pretoria

Building a concrete deck in Pretoria, while time consuming and complicated, is absolutely doable by oneself if you want to save a little bit of money.

How to Build a Second Floor Concrete Deck

Here we are going to give you the bare bones steps on how to build a second floor concrete deck so you can attempt to DIY !

  • Check the foundation of the house. A concrete floor is very heavy and the foundation might be unable to deal with such a weight.
  • Prepare the floor by laying down strong wood sheeting, that will act as a sub-floor. Once it is done, add a layer of plastic that is at least 4 mm thick so the concrete will set properly.
  • Add the cement carefully, making sure you leave enough room for doors and duct work. Mark the walls to make sure.
  • Finish and level the floor.
  • Once the concrete is fully dry, you can polish it or give it a shine if you so wish.

Second Floor Concrete Deck Videos