Now Offering Home Building Packages in Centurion & Midrand

Types of Building Packages Centurion

Do you intend to construct a house in Centurion or Midrand, SA? You are likely to come across different building packages depending on your project. Some of the most common building packages in Midrand & Centurion may take any of the following forms:

1. Fixed Price Packages

A fixed price package is one in which the builder pays a lump sum of money once and waits to complete the project.

The liability in these home building packages falls on the construction company since the project owner has paid for everything.

You can opt for this if you are sure the project’s completion will happen according to your specifications without requiring extra costs.

building packages centurion

2. Time and Material Packages

You can also determine building packages for houses in terms of the time and material required for the project.

The price in the box is in terms of the hourly or daily rate of the contract. It may also include additional expenses arising during the execution of the contract.

3. Unit Price Packages

All Centurion building packages of this type involve the contractor breaking down the cost of the project into smaller units.

That way, the project owner understands what goes into the pricing and has no reason to complain. Whenever a change occurs in the building project, it is easier for the two to agree.

Enquire About Midrand & Centurion Building Packages

As you can see, there are different ways of determining residential building packages, making it easier for you to choose the best. When talking to a contractor, make sure you understand what goes into the pricing.