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For all your cement flooring needs in Pretoria, contact us for quality Cemcrete finishes that will last for decades. We stand by the quality of our products as experienced concrete flooring contractors in Pretoria.

Cemcrete Flooring

You should always use cement based products such as Cemcrete for your residential concrete floors in Pretoria and surrounding areas. Don’t settle for cheap and unreliable alternatives.

Cemcrete is a combination of Cement and Concrete and they always go well together. Cemcrete is easily merged into current trends because it is a flexible and adaptable solid foundation.

It will mature over a period of time and take on a stable life of its own – embracing its environs and growing into a natural looking part of the area.

The beauty of this combination is in its physical properties, wherein its moisture is absorbed at varying rates into the substrate. The final and beautiful outcome is the adaptable and earthly aesthetic of Cemcrete.

Residential Concrete Floors

Concrete cement flooring, whether inside or outside your home, is an investment which is a perfect example of the existing synergy among sustainability, economy and attractive aesthetics which will outlast other components of your home.

We install your residential concrete floors with the correct sealers which help it resist stains, dirt, water and abrasives. The surface will be very easy to clean and maintain, only requiring periodic damp mopping.

Don’t settle for cheap flooring alternatives which will be cheaper. Cemcrete will last much longer and eventually give you more satisfaction and a better return on your flooring investments.

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Contact us for inquiries regarding plain or polished concrete flooring price per square meter and also for our quotes for screed flooring.

Avail of our long expertise and know how in residential concrete floors for Pretoria and surrounding areas. You’ll never regret your decision to make us your flooring contractor.

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