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Home owners in Pretoria know that it is a good idea to paint their homes inside and out so that your home always looks good, but many home owners in Pretoria find that the hassle of painting their homes is more than they expect, so they try and extend the gaps between painting projects.

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Although the condition of a home before the professional painters in Pretoria get started does not change the amount of work that they have to do to give your home a facelift, you will find that a lot of companies will charge more if you have left your painting project too long.


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Many home owners in Pretoria are very good at doing DIY jobs around the home, and they might consider tackling their painting project themselves, it is safer to hire professional painting contractors in Pretoria to do your house painting, especially if you have had other problems like damp.

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Home owners in Pretoria will find that when they have an experienced residential Pretoria painting company dealing with their project they will have their project finished in good time and the job will be done well, if they select a reputable painter from the various companies.

Even people who own industrial property have realised that by hiring an commercial painting contractor, they know that their painting job will last them for at least five years.

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What Benefits Do Painters Provide? Many home owners in Pretoria want to know what benefit it is to them to hire a contractor who provides painting services.  Here are some reasons why it is best that you do hire a team of professional painters, like PTA Builders.

PTA Builders provides a professional and friendly service as well as the benefits listed below and we are able to handle your residential or industrial requirements as our team of professionals have experience in both sectors.

5 Tips on Painting Your Home Interiors

Quick Fix vs Proper Jobs – A lot of painters in Pretoria will not scrape off the old paint all the way down to the base, so any problems are quickly covered with the new coats.

A properly qualified painting contractor in Pretoria will scrape all the way down to the plaster and check the walls and tiles before applying the first coat so that if there are any problems that need attention they can be fixed before the painting is started, this saves you money and is a means to make sure that your project will last for a minimum of five years.

Various Paints – There are a variety of different paint types on the market, and a qualified professional will know which type is suitable for which area of your home.

If you do the painting yourself and you put the wrong type of paint on the wrong walls, you will find that your painting project will not last five years, which costs you more money as you have to re-do your paint job a lot sooner than you would have to if you hire professional painting companies in Pretoria who knows which paint is suitable to use on inside walls and which are suitable for outside walls. For our friend in Cape Town, please contact them here!


Wastage – A lot of home owners in Pretoria who have tried to paint a room themselves already know how much paint they waste, this is simply because professional painters have experience that a regular DIY enthusiast does not, so they know how to apply the paint to the brushes and the wall in the most conservative way, making the paint go further and the amount of waste minimal.  The team at PTA Builders will even clean up after the project, so you do not have to worry about paint being all over your furniture or flooring!

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Techniques – There are many different painting techniques which can be used around the home to draw attention to a particular area or to express creativity in a particular room.

Although you might be tempted to let your young children loose on a barrel of paint and the walls, a painter from Pretoria will be able to give you an elegant finish to your walls or to a specific wall to draw the attention of your friends and family.  PTA Builders has a range of different painting techniques and ideas that you can browse through to find one that will suite your needs.


What should I look for when I hire a Painting Contractor in Pretoria? A lot of home owners will phone around for the cheapest painting quote available in the Pretoria area, but it is also important that you find out if the company you want to use has references so that you can contact the people that they have already done work for and find out if their clients were happy with their level of service and professionalism.

Painting a few walls in your home or outside your home might look like a simple job, and you might feel that the cheaper options will be just as good as the more expensive, but you also want to know that the painters you use are able to detect any possible problems, have the necessary qualifications and experience to ensure that your painting project is completed with as little inconvenience to you and your family as possible.

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