Converting a Pretoria Garage Into a Bedroom

Instead of a fully-fledged home extension, you can easily convert the garage into a bedroom. Even better, you will spend much less than having to do a home extension from scratch.

However, you may have to park your car in the open air, which might not be such a good idea.

What does it cost?

Not much. In truth, your garage already has a foundation, walls, a door, and a roof. With the existing structure, you will find your quest to convert your Pretoria garage into a bedroom cost-effective. It is nothing like having to build a new facility from scratch.

How to Convert a Garage Into a Bedroom

A garage conversion of any kind isn’t a DIY job. It requires professionals such as local building contractors to provide expertise and experience. Here is what it takes to convert a garage into a bedroom:

  • Raising the floor level by installing insulation over the concrete slab
  • Insulating all the walls and ceiling fully
  • Connecting the garage to the primary HVAC system or installing a separate mini-system
  • Upgrading the electrical system for an enormous load
  • Creating a door between the garage and the main house
  • Partitioning the space into two bedrooms
  • Filling in garage door with fully-insulated stud walls
  • Adding windows and a door to the master bedroom

If you intend to convert the garage into a bedroom with a bath, you should connect it to the central plumbing and drainage system. After that, you can install a bathtub and shower to get a bedroom with an ensuite.

How to turn a Garage Into A Bedroom [VIDEO]