Installing A Corrugated Roof By Our Metal Roofing Contractors In Pretoria

Corrugated metal roofing sheets can either be made of galvanized steel or aluminium. They are mainly used to build barns, sheds, and such like structures. To properly install these roof you will need to hire the services of corrugated roofing contractors in Pretoria. Not that it is hard to install corrugated iron sheets but to ensure the work is done correctly.

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The Process Of Installing A Corrugated Roof

STEP 1. Measure The Roof

You cannot install a corrugated iron sheet roof before you determine how much of it you need. Measuring the length and breadth of the roof in feet. Multiply the length and width and multiply by two. Standard corrugated iron sheets usually measure 3 by 6 feet, which translates to 18-square feet. Take your roof’s square footage and divide by eighteen to know how many sheets you will need. The number of corrugated iron sheets required will dictate the prices you pay for the entire project.

STEP 2. Lay The Roofing Felt

Before you start installing the corrugated iron sheets, you should first ensure you provide the proper insulation. This is especially if you are installing the metal roof on a patio or other part of the house. If it is any other kind of structure, then the metal roof can go directly onto the wooden beams. Together with the roofing felt, lay a plywood deck and attach using roofing staples. Each layer should be overlapped by 4 inches and more.

Step 3. Lay The Corrugated Metal Sheeting And Peaked Ridge

Lay the metal sheets beginning at the roof’s bottom corner. Finish the bottom row of sheets and go to the next. The upper rows should overlap the lower one by 4 inches or more. This should go on until the corrugated metal sheets reach the peak of the roof. Fasten the metal sheets in place using 1 1/2-inch wood screws. This should be done as tightly as possible.

Move from one row to the next until you reach the peak. Once you are through with one side of the roof, move to the other and repeat the process. Lay in place the peaked ridge cap and screw it in place.

STEP 4. Seal Roof Seams And Paint The Corrugated Metal Sheeting

Use some cement or caulk to seal the exposed seams. After the cement or caulk has dried paint the metal sheets. Get paint for corrugated metal roofs and use a paintbrush. When painting a large roof, you may want to use a paint sprayer. This will ensure that the metal lasts longer without the risk of rusting.

You need to maintain safety while installing a corrugated iron sheet roof. Wear safety goggles and some heavy gloves. To prevent dents in the corrugated roofs, avoid standing directly on the roof. If you cannot pull this off, go on and hire one of the corrugated roofing contractors in Pretoria. Apart from ensuring they use the right materials, they have all the equipment required for a roof installation job.

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