How Much Does It Cost To Build a Garage With Flat / Apartment on Top in Pretoria

Are you a homeowner on Pretoria? Chances are that you need to build a garage with an apartment on top. If you have a large family, it is likely to be a 2 or 3 car garage. That’s especially if you own more than 1 car.

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Reasons For Building A Garage With An Apartment or Flat

As time goes by, your accommodation needs keep changing. Perhaps you need to accommodate your aging parents. Maybe your children are now grown but are still living with you. Instead of making an extension to your home, the best solution would be to build a garage with an apartment upstairs. You can then use the extra room as a bedroom for your guests.

cost to build a garage with apartment

If anything, building a garage with an apartment on top will cost you much less than a full-fledged extension. When your relatives move out, the extra space can be used as a private accommodation for visitors in the future.

Factors That Determine The Cost

There are a number of things that will determine how much you will pay for a two-storey garage. They include the following:

  1. Construction Costs

Whether you are going to attach or detach the garage is key to knowing how much you are going to pay for a prefab garage with apartment. Also important is the kind of materials you intend to use and the size of the structure. As such, building a garage with an apartment shouldn’t cost you much.

However, expect the cost to rise to a great extent if you are going to extend the garage upwards. Say you are putting up a full suite that will require plumbing, electric wiring, and insulation. All of these aspects will help escalate the cost.

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Also important is the cost of labour. In most cases, you will be charged according to the size of the building project you have. Most garage builders in Pretoria will charge you per square foot and the cost of the materials involved. However, it is only the contractor who will be able to tell you exactly how much they are charging.

  1. Fees And Taxes

In addition to building materials and labour, there are a number of extra costs you will be forced to pay for. That includes the fees you pay to get a building permit which depends on the local zoning requirements. Once the garage with an apartment on top is up and running, you will be required to pay even more in terms of land rates. Where you collect rent from the property, you may also be required to pay taxes.


Clearly, the cost to build a garage with an apartment is not as straightforward as you may think. A lot of things go into determining how much you will pay. It is, therefore, important that you are cognizant of all of these things. With that, you will be able to avoid going blindly into such a project. After all, to be forewarned is to be prepared.

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