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A paint job speaks volumes about a property. A good paint job may elevate an average building while a bad one will downgrade even the best building. It is therefore advisable to invest in the right painting company because they will deliver value for your money.

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Just like your clothing, we specialize in painting the exterior of a building to a point that it looks stunning. There are a number of homes and buildings that were built ages ago and the paint has either chipped off or these houses were not even painted in the first place. We, therefore, seek to transform these old exteriors into outstanding sights.

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We are highly sought after painting contractors in Centurion because have deep understanding of the effects of adverse weather such as heavy winds, rains and salty water and our solutions have been tested and found to withstand these extreme natural phenomena.

After our thorough interior and exterior painting, your house or commercial building will remain in top visual shape for many years. We know you are looking for that new look and that is exactly what we will deliver.

What Makes Us The Best House Painters?

Our house painters are well versed in painting personal houses on the inside and outsides. We have worked with different materials such as wood and concrete in the past and we understand how each material should be treated because they both take paint differently.

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We offer free consultation on the type of paint and colour options that homeowners have when making the decision to paint. We use an application that shows you exactly how the exterior of their home will look like if they choose a certain colour. This enables you to visualize your home and make informed decisions. This sets us apart as professional painters in Centurion.

When looking for painting contractors in and around Centurion, be sure to consider such factors as the time in which they have been in practice, their portfolio and whether or not they are highly recommended. Check their websites and even visit houses or properties they have painted before to get a feel of their work.

The Best Professional Painters in Centurion

Our Centurion painting services are not just about applying paint haphazardly and hoping everything turns out well. After your initial contact, we will arrange to come over to your place for an onsite visit.

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Our painting services include prepping the surface to be painted to ensure that it takes the paint well. We sand the chipping paint off and smooth the surface. We also apply different layers of paint – the undercoat, the paint and the finishing.

To achieve the best results, we offer extensive repair services on your interiors. The different surfaces are prepped in the following ways:

  • Taping and installing drywall
  • Repairing walls that are cracked or peeled
  • Patching and repairing textured surfaces like popcorn ceilings, plaster, and stucco
  • Staining and refinishing standard and exotic wood texturing repairs to ensure they match the existing surfaces

All these repairs will ensure that the surfaces are ready to be painted afresh and that the end result is satisfactory.

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