Palisade Fence Installation Contractors Centurion / Galvanized / Steel

Are you looking for a palisade fencing expert in Centurion? No need to worry. Palisade fencing is a simple affair consisting of posts, horizontal panels, and lots of metal or wooden pales. Wooden palisade fencing is nothing better than the old-style picket fence.

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Steel palisade fencing, features spiked elements for a more Victorian look even while making it more secure. You need very few tools to install palisade fencing in your Centurion home. If you are attempting a DIY job, give the concrete enough time to cure.

Palisade fencing centurion

Alternatively you should work with palisade fence contractors for a more professional finish. The following is the clear-cut process of installing palisade fencing:

Step 1. Setting Posts Before Building Palisade Fencing in Centurion

  • Measure the perimeter of the area you want to fence and decide how far the posts will stand from each other. It is the horizontal rails you will be using that will help you decide where to place the posts.
  • Carry the posts and lay each one of them where you intend to install it.
  • Dig holes, one for each post. Make sure its depth and width is sufficient for supporting the post with concrete. Read the instructions that came from the manufacturer together with the posts.
  • Mix the concrete in readiness to use it for supporting the posts.
  • Take 2 to 4 inches of gravel and place it at the bottom of each of the holes. Compact it. That is meant to give your posts a solid foundation on which to rest. That is besides providing good drainage to the concrete base.
  • Take one post at a time and place it into its hole. To finish up the galvanized palisade fencing process, pour the concrete into the holes.
  • Using a spirit level, try to ensure that all your posts are standing in a perfect vertical position.
  • Where necessary, palisade fence contractors will use rope, wire, and wood to hold the poles securely in place. Wait for one day or more for the concrete to set. After that, you can continue with the installation.

Galvanized palisade fencing

Step 2. Installing Pales and Horizontal Rails

  • Between any two fencing posts, you will need to place two horizontal rails. Once that is done, lay out the pales in the correct numbers.
  • Using a drill, put in place the horizontal railings and use the manufacturer recommended bolts to fasten them.
  • Pick one vertical rail at a time and attach it to the horizontal panels. The horizontal rails may come without the bolt holes. Follow the recommendations from the manufacturer to determine how far you will place the pales.
  • Repeat the process for each of the remaining pales until you have all of them firmly in place.
  • Your palisade fencing in Centurion will not be complete until you fix a support footer to each fence section at the centre pale. That is supposed to make the weakest sections of the fence stronger. The idea is to provide a uniform support for the load. It also works to make each section’s impact resistance much better. Your work will only be complete after installing a palisade gate.

If you are looking for palisade fence installation in Centurion, work with a contractor who offers the best prices.

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