High End Bathroom Renovations in Pretoria

The bathroom is an area of the home where you like to escape your responsibilities, take time for yourself and let your mind drift away as you blow the bubbles from your hands after a long day at the office.  Other people prefer to have a bathroom that is practical yet stylish and most home owners in the Pretoria area want a bathroom that is easy to keep neat and tidy at all times.

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When your bathroom needs renovating it can become a difficult project, especially if you only have one bathroom in the house, although most home owners in Pretoria have at least two toilets, it is still a project that you want to have done quickly and efficiently so that your family can resume their normal routines.


Bathrooms that do not encourage you to relax or that feel cramped often cause you to rush through the routines, neglecting to take time out for yourself and just relax!  A lot of home owners choose to renovate their bathrooms because they want to be able to lock the door and drift away without staring at a stained ceiling or getting claustrophobic.

The team of professionals at PTABuilders only use the most durable materials in all the renovations projects that we handle. Having your designer bathroom renovations in Pretoria done by a team of qualified professional’s gives you the peace of mind that your renovation ideas will be completed timelessly and that you will be satisfied with the completed project.

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Once you have chosen to have your bathroom renovated you need to get started with a plan, it is easy to phone various renovators and tell them you want to renovate your bathroom, but there are a lot of things you need to make decisions on and it is better if you make these decisions before you start looking for a suitable team of professional contractors so that you can get the project started as quickly as possible.

You should take a look at the different small ideas for your bathroom remodeling in Pretoria, as well as the different styles and other modern design ideas that have been done in the Pretoria area, especially by the building company in Pretoria that you want to hire to complete your bathroom plans, but make sure you have a good idea of what you have and follow our tips for your Pretoria bathroom renovations to ensure you do not forget any important features or aspects of your modern bathrooms.


Before you contact the team at PTA Builders to discuss your bathroom design ideas, go through the tips on bathroom remodeling and make a detailed list of your requirements.  It is important to bear in mind that different features, fixtures and finishing touches will add to the overall cost of your renovations.  The professional contractor who has experience in affordable bathroom renovations in Pretoria will be able to advise you on alternatives which are more cost effective.

Tips for Bathroom Renovation Projects

Colour Scheme – Your base colours should be natural colours that match with anything, this way you can liven up the colours with towels and other bathroom accessories and you can change your colour scheme regularly without having to go through the expense of replacing tiles or other permanent colours.

Showers or Tubs – Some people do not like a bath while others want a corner bath and others want both a shower and a bath.  These decisions are important because even if you do not have a very big bathroom you can still have a bathroom shower and a bath or make it feel a little bigger with just a shower.  Once you know what you and your family need you can make a note of that and then follow the advice given by the professionals renovating the bathroom!

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Toilets, Basins & Cabinets – Although many people stick with the white ceramic toilets and basins because it is easy to make these toilets and basins look grand with some colourful accessories, there are now newer options like metal or chrome choices.  Also choosing the size and style of basin and the size of the toilet is important, especially if you want to have a bathroom cabinet under the basin or next to the toilet!

These are choices that a lot of home owners overlook while they are planning their bathroom renovation project and then when they need to make the choices they make them in a rushed fashion and land up with a finished project that they are not completely happy with.

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As technology has advanced and eco-friendly procedures have become important there has been a large increase in the type of showers, tubs, toilets, basins, bathroom mirrors and other fixtures that are available for your bathroom, so make a list of the things you need and want in your bathroom and then listen carefully to the advice that your chosen professional bathroom renovators in Pretoria gives you before making any final decisions!  Think about the bathroom layout and consider different bathroom ideas to ensure that what you are getting is what you really want.

PTA Builders: Contractors & Renovators

Home owners who choose to totally remodel their bathrooms often choose to build additional space onto the bathroom area, giving them more space to add on a shower or make the bathroom more practical, although this is not always an option, it does give you the option to remove everything in the current bathroom and re-plan the bathroom area to your personal preference.

A lot of the homes in Pretoria have old bathrooms, where the toilet is separate to the bathroom and there is no shower, this makes home owners want to make a complete bathroom and then keep the separate toilet so that they have two toilets in the home.

Other home owners find that they are faced with a bathroom remodelling project out of necessity because their bath tub has broken or the toilet has sprung an underground leak, so while everything is being thrown into disarray to repair the problem they might as well remodel the bathroom and then it is done.

Although a professional team of bathroom remodeling contractors will work as quickly and effectively as possible, there are limitations on their time frames, especially when it comes to remodelling a bathroom as you have to wait for plastering and tiling to settle before you can install bath tubs or showers to ensure that the fixtures do not come adrift.

Therefore it is important to listen to the professional bathroom renovators and make the necessary changes to your daily routine to accommodate your bathroom remodeling project.