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Home owners in Pretoria often think of having various home improvements done to their homes, although most of the home owners in Pretoria will neglect the remodeling until they become an absolute necessity because of the inconvenience involved with having home alterations done as well as the costs involved.

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Once you have made the decision to embark on a home improvement project and have all the renovations, home improvement ideas and alterations that you want to have done completed, you want to make sure that the project runs as smoothly as possible.

The only way to give yourself the peace of mind that your home renovation in Pretoria is in good hands, is to hire the services of professional home renovation contractors who are experienced with your particular type of home renovation ideas in the Pretoria area.

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Tips on Selecting the Right Construction Companies

List the Details – Prepare a detailed list of all the house renovations you need to have completed including all the house remodeling ideas you have, if possible print out pictures of completed projects that you like.

Make sure that you include all the fittings and finishing touches you want in the specific rooms, for example, if you renovating your kitchen you need to make sure your list includes the sink that you want as well as the cabinets you want and your finishing touches would be your door handles and knobs as well as the type of tiling you want on the walls and floors.

Make the list as detailed as possible, even if you have multiple options for certain sections, at least you have a good idea of what you want and the building contractor specialist will be able to advise you further.  Now that your list of requirements is complete, it is time to start looking for suitable home renovations companies in PTA to handle your project.

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List of Contractors – Do you want to use the first Pretoria building contractor you happen to stumble upon?  Not at all, you need to go through a process and find the right building contractor and professional for you!

Make a list of companies that you can put through a grilling procedure until you find the right building contractor for your building renovations.  You can find out which construction companies service your particular area of Pretoria by looking on the internet, speaking to your friends and browsing through your neighbourhood newspaper.

The next few tips are a procedure to eliminate the companies that will not be suitable for your home renovations in Pretoria, although this is a time consuming and frustrating procedure, we are certain that by following these tips you will be very happy with the finished project!

Before And After With Tips For Your Whole House Remodel

Telephone Hour – Take an hour or two and phone all of the companies you listed.  This is a great way to determine what type of service you can expect from the company in Pretoria.  Once you have the company on the phone, do not forget to ask how many projects they work on at any given time and for a few references of past jobs so that you can phone their clients to find out how happy they have been with the work provided.

If the person on the other end of the phone is not able to provide you with the information or they take too long to answer the phone then you remove them from your list as they will not provide a professional service.

Potential Contractors – After your initial telephone conversations, you will only be left with three or four companies on your list, these are the companies that could provide you with the information you required and had a professional telephone manner, these are the companies that you will phone again to set up an appointment for their building contractor specialist to come to your property and give you a quotation on your home extensions.

Appointments – Once the appointments have been made, you need to watch for a few things.  Make a note if the home renovators in Pretoria is late or early, did they phone to inform you that they are running late and did they apologise for running late?  Provide the building contractor professional with a copy of the list of requirements you have made and make notes of all the advice that the home extensions contractor gives you.  Make sure you ask them for a time frame and make a note of the given time frame.

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Hire Services – Once you have met with all the construction companies on your short list and received all the quotations you can sit down and make the final review.  If the contractor was late for the appointment and did not phone and apologise then you should write them off immediately as the likelihood that your project will run late is very high.

Naturally you would want to go with the cheapest quote, but sometimes the cheapest is not always the best, so rather take a look at the time frames provided and ask your friends or family members that you trust if they feel the time frame given is acceptable.

Going with the middle quote would probably be the most suitable choice, so long as the company has remained professional in all your dealings with them this far. Once you have chosen the building contractor that you want to use, you need to phone them again and set up a second appointment to finalize the procedure.


Finalizing the Hire – In this appointment you need to make sure that a contract is drawn up and make sure that EVERYTHING is detailed in the contract.  Make sure that all costs of materials and labour are detailed, your finishing touches and fixtures are detailed as well as any additional requirements that you have are detailed, make sure that the time frame and payment options are clearly detailed.

With a detailed contract if anything does go wrong, you have the necessary paperwork protecting your property and your interests. Embarking on a project to have alterations done to your home is not an easy project, but with the right contractors in Pretoria you can make your home remodeling project as easy as possible.