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The kitchen is the heart of the home, but a lot of home owner’s find that their kitchens are not suitable for their needs, so they start to look into the costs of having it renovated.  A kitchen renovation idea is often considered the most disrupting to your daily life as there will be days or weeks where you will not be able to enter the kitchen at all so you will have to find alternative ways to cook meals for the family! The style of kitchen that you have will depend on the space available and the practicality of your lifestyle.

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PTA Builders has a team of qualified building contractors who are able to provide you with your designer kitchen regardless of whether it is a small, an open plan or a styled kitchen including your island, cupboards, doors, cabinets, tiling and finishing touches.  We use the best materials available and offer a professional service during and after your kitchen renovation project.


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Although every home owner in Pretoria wants to have that perfect haven including a beautiful kitchen where memories can be made and meals can be prepared easily, it takes a lot more than just a few updated cabinets and a new sink to make your kitchen a haven! You need to consider your lifestyle, the habits of your family and your immediate requirements before you can make a final decision on the type of layout that would suite you best.

When you looking at remodelling you need to know exactly what modern kitchen design you want, the layout of your kitchen is the most important aspect during your renovations project as it is very expensive to change the layout half way through the project!

PTA Builders have a wide range of small kitchen renovations projects in Pretoria as well as larger ones that we have completed and we will gladly provide you with a variety of kitchen plans to help you make your decisions, we are the most experienced kitchen renovators in Pretoria.

Tips for a Designer Kitchen

Before you just pick up the phone and contact a team of professionals who are able to handle your kitchen renovations in Pretoria, you need to make some important decisions and take a look at different kitchen designs.

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Kitchen Plan – Planning a kitchen is very important, and this should be done with the guidance of the lady of the house who spends a large quantity of time in the kitchen.  It is important that your kitchen plan is practical so that you are not rushing around the kitchen while trying to prepare meals.

A lot of people choose to renovate their kitchens because there is not enough cupboard space or because the layout of the kitchen is impractical. While planning the layout of your kitchen unit remember to include space for your fridges, microwave, stove, and any other areas that you require like a breakfast nook or laundry area.

Cabinets and Cupboards – Home owners who decide to renovate their kitchens because there is not enough cupboard space will have to think carefully of where all they want cupboards as well as what style of cupboards and cabinets they want.

Although modern kitchens have lots of cupboard space there are still a large variety of styles and designs for you to choose from. Space Savers – If you have a home with a small kitchen area but you do not have the money to build to make your kitchen bigger, then you need to look at the style of kitchen you want and where you can save space as much as possible.

Even the small kitchens can be turned into a warm haven for the family with the professional services of our building contractors at PTA Builders.


Finishing Off – The handles, knobs, counter tops, fixed appliances, colour scheme and various nooks are your final decisions.  This is where you are able to bring your kitchen design to life and give the feeling of a haven!

The finishing touches are all personal choice decisions and should be made with your partner so that you are both happy with the finished project.  If you like loud colours and your partner prefers natural colours, come to a compromise where the one compliments the other easily, making it the perfect place to sit back and relax together!


The choice to remodel your kitchen is a big project to embark on, but despite the inconvenience and disruption the end result is often a much happier family!  Being able to cook and bake in comfort and pleasure, having your family sitting around the breakfast nook making memories or an old friend pop in for a cup of tea while you prepare a meal makes all the inconvenience of renovating your kitchen worth it!

Important Things to Note With Your  Remodel

A general idea of remodelling kitchen involves changing your cabinets, countertops and colour scheme, even the oldest kitchen can be given a facelift and a new lease on life with a kitchen remodelling project.

Regardless of your reasons for having your kitchen remodelled, you can be sure that once your kitchen remodeling in Pretoria is complete you will have a real haven where you can cook and bake and make memories with your family without having to deal with cabinet doors that are falling apart or thoughts of how dark and dingy your kitchen is compared to your neighbour or best friend.

Our team of professional kitchen renovators in Pretoria will be able to give you advice on the space available and how to maximize your use of the area as well as the natural lighting and other aspects of your current kitchen so that your remodelling project will provide you with kitchen that you love spending time in.

A lot of the homes in Pretoria have small kitchens which have terrible lighting and bad layout, making it difficult for anyone to prepare meals or spend a large quantity of time in the kitchen.

Remodeling Your Kitchen Tips | LG Studio Signature Kitchen

After you have finished your small kitchen design ideas with PTA Builders, we are sure you will find it a lot nicer to prepare meals and it will soon become the heart of the home, even the smallest of kitchens can be remodelled to be a designer kitchen that makes the home owner proud!

A kitchen that is friendly and inviting makes it a lot easier for friends and family members to sit back and relax while you prepare meals, or even sit down together over a coffee pot and reminisce about times gone past or discuss important matters!

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Renovations on a Budget

It might not be possible to have the latest and greatest technology in your new kitchen, but there are very few reasons for home owners to neglect that the cost of kitchen renovations in Pretoria is not as expensive as they use to be because there is a wide variety of materials and finishing touches available which are not all that expensive at all!

The most important thing to remember while you are planning your kitchen remodelling project is the layout and materials you use need to be correct for your family for a long time into the future.

You do not want to be embarking on a kitchen remodelling project too often!   When you consult with professionals in Pretoria who are able to handle your kitchen remodelling project, listen to the advice that the contractor gives you as they are experienced in kitchen alterations.

Phone the team of qualified and professional building contractors at PTA Builders and let us help you get the kitchen that truly is the heart of your home as quickly and cost effectively as possible.