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Although Pretoria is not close to the sea there are still a lot of beautiful areas which create breath taking views if you higher up.  Many home owners in PTA have often thought about the beautiful views they would experience if they could raise their houses up, and some have come to the conclusion that having a loft conversion done would give them this benefit and many more.

How does a loft conversion affect the value of your home?

Loft room conversions add to the value of your home.  This is a very important point for many home owners especially if you are living in Pretoria.  You can now explore your available options with the peace of mind that the loft or attic conversions that you want to implement on your property will be adding to the value of your home!

Can all lofts be converted?

Although home owners in Pretoria may expect the answer to this question to be a definitive yes, there are some roof types which make loft bedroom and bathroom conversions for specific uses a little more difficult and expensive to complete.

As a home owner in Pretoria it is advisable that you find out what type of roof your home has and consult with professionals who have experience in building lofts before you make any final decisions.  There are some solutions such as dormer lofts but you may not like this type of loft conversion and therefore choose to cancel your plans for a 3 bedroom loft conversion.

Different uses for loft space

Most home owners already have some idea of what they want to use the loft space for, but there are also building regulations that you will need to take into consideration before you finalize the use of your loft conversions.

One of the most important considerations is the ceiling height for loft conversions as the lower the ceiling the less you can actually use your room loft conversion for because a loft bedroom conversion or loft bathroom conversion needs a higher ceiling than a loft which is being used as storage space or a play area for young children.

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If you need your contemporary loft conversion for an ensuite bedroom or an office then the space available is important, so before you finalize your planned use of the loft space find out what options you have.

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Yes you will need planning permission for your loft conversion, you will also need to have an architect and follow all other building regs for loft conversions.  A 2 bedroom loft conversion is an extension to your home therefore when you are building a loft conversion you will need to find out what your local municipality requires to ensure that you do not get fined for non-compliance.

Your chosen loft conversion company will be able to assist you and advise you on all the necessary details for the local municipality and the loft conversion architect will be able to help you get your loft conversion plans passed quickly and easily.

Things to consider when planning loft conversions

Before you finalize your plans for building a loft room you will need to ensure that your requirements are possible.  Here are some other considerations which you need to take into account before you go looking at paint colours or flooring solutions.

Chat to your neighbours – Most neighbours are not very concerned about what you do to your home but some may be upset about bedroom loft conversions because this will mean you are able to see into their property.

Check the proposed use is possible – If your main goal is to have loft bedroom and ensuite bathroom or a new home office then find out if your home can have this specific type of loft conversion before you go ahead and spend money on the loft room conversion only to realise you can’t use the loft room the way you intend to use it.

Three of the most important considerations for your loft conversions and whether your intended purpose is possible are:

  • Strength of the foundation
  • Where you going to put the loft staircase
  • What type of roof you have

All of these could put an indefinite hold on your plans as your foundation may not be strong enough to handle more than a storage loft area or the roof type may not be high enough for a loft bedroom conversion or the staircase will take too much space from a room below.

Estimated time frame for building a loft room

Most loft bedroom conversions can be completed within 10 weeks, but the more complicated types of loft conversions will take longer.  If your roof is suitable for a simple loft conversion then you should be able to enjoy your new loft space within 10 weeks.

Your chosen specialist loft conversion companies will be able to give you an estimated time that they will take to complete the loft extension, but always remember that a job done in haste is often a job half done.

Cost of Building a Loft

Each type of bedroom and bathroom loft conversion is unique therefore it is impossible to give you an estimate for loft conversions without having inspected the house or your intentions first.  There are many different things which can add to the loft conversions costs, the size of the loft you want to build, the type of loft you want built and what alterations will need to be made to your current roofing are all factors which will make the cost of your loft conversion higher or lower.

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Contact a few loft conversion professionals and get them to come and inspect your property and advise you and provide you with loft conversion quotes before you decide whether you really want to start with a loft conversion extension on your home.

Stylish Loft Conversions

There are many different designs for loft conversions.  Once you have chosen to start with your loft conversion bedroom you will need to look at the different designs and styles for your intended purpose and let your specialist loft conversions company help you make your final decision on the style and design of your loft conversion.

Don’t forget that the loft staircase is also an important part of the loft space conversion so you will need to take a look at different styles of staircase and choose one that will compliment your home and the style of your chosen loft conversion.

Where can I find loft conversion companies?

There are many companies that claim that they are experienced loft conversion professionals, but it is advisable that you look for a company that is registered and accredited to perform bedroom loft conversions.  You don’t want to have any problems with your loft bedroom or bathroom loft afterwards.

The easiest way to find a reputable loft conversion company is to search online, make sure you’re your chosen loft conversion company is able to produce their registration certificates and accreditations and ask them for loft conversion quotes and advice.

Reputable loft conversion companies will also have good reviews and be able to provide you with happy customers for references.

Regardless of what you want to use your loft space for, when your loft conversion project is finished you will have additional space and the value of your home will be more.  A loft is a great place for a bedroom, an entertainment area, an office or even just a place for storage.