How To Turn a Bedroom Into A Office

The home office has gained new meaning, especially after the stay-at-home orders that came due to COVID-19. However, many people have had to content with never having built a home office in the first place.

If you are one of them, then you should consider converting a spare bedroom into an Pretoria office. How easy is it to setup a home office in a bedroom?

how to turn a bedroom into an office

Here are several quick tips to guide you through the whole process:

1. Come Up With a Working Design

If you want to convert a spare bedroom into office space, start by emptying the room and taking rough measurements. Decide where to place work tables, file cabinets, and desks.

Keep in mind the various locations of electric outlets because you will need them later.

You may want to save space by acquiring a desk with a storage hutch that opens inwards. Also, a corner desk can help save space in your new office. Who knows, your spouse may want to use the corner desk at some point.

convert spare bedroom into office

2. Install Office Furniture

If you want to know how to turn a bedroom into an office, then you should buy the right furniture. That means getting rid of the kitchen chair, which may not be adequately comfortable.

With a dedicated office chair, you can afford to remain seated for long without feeling tired or complaining of pain.

3. Lighting

Like other rooms in your home, the office would require adequate lighting. So make sure not to obscure the windows during the setup process. Also, provide adequate lighting to your desk or table using track lights.

That way, you will have enough light for all the workstations in the small room. All your items, including file folders should be adequately visible.

turn a guest room into an office

4. Choose Filing Solutions

Every office requires filing so you should give it a serious thought. If you take time before checking your files, then you can use organisers or filing carts. You can also turn a dining room into an office by installing several filing cabinets.

If you want to turn a guest room into an office, then talk to us at PTA Builders for the best solution.

Videos of Bedroom to Office Conversions